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Pest control is a major part of keeping your property safe and hygienic, whether you are a humble homeowner or the leader of a large commercial business. Not only can some pests be annoying to deal with, but a few might be outright dangerous for your customers and clients.

We at Pest Control London can offer a huge range of pest control treatment tools and options, ranging from pre-emptive pest prevention to extermination of long-term pest infestations. No matter the pest problem, we can find a way to fix it quickly, reliably, and within your budget.

Our discreet, fast, short-notice and efficient service allow us to help solve your pest control problems in a way that suits you, adapting our techniques to your business’ needs and opening hours. We tackle all pest problems as individual projects requiring bespoke solutions.

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Why Choose Us?

We are an accredited London-based pest control service with multiple fully-trained teams of pest exterminators, control experts, and expert pest technicians. Our goal has always been to offer the best London pest control services possible, tackling each problem in a bespoke and client-appropriate manner.

All of our staff are fully certified, ranging from qualified RSPH technicians and Insect Control experts to Wildlife and Rifle-trained specialists. We also have a variety of general company-wide certificates, including access training and construction certifications.

With over ten years of experience under our belt offering 24-hour pest control services, we have managed to build up great relationships with suppliers and other specialists that can bolster the work of our own pest control experts. We also aim for fair, competitive pricing on all pest control methods allowing anybody to get pests removed quickly.

Benefits Of Pest Control

There are a lot of benefits of pest control some of these include:

If you have a pest infestation that you need to get under control it is better to catch it before the infestation grows too large. If you would like to find out more get in touch with a member of our team today!

Costs Of Pest Control Services In London

The average cost of London pest control is around £200 to £300 per day there are many things that factor into this cost these include:

Smaller residential properties can expect to pay much less than commercial premises, with larger-scale industrial premises often being the most expensive. However, this is not always the case, and some industrial premises could be cheaper than residential properties depending on the pest we need to deal with.

If you want to know more about the estimated costs or have a certain budget you need to stick to, then talk to our experts. We are pest control professionals who can help you arrange bespoke 24-hour pest control services for your property, regardless of the pest situation you are caught up in.

Pest Control Services

Offering the best pest control London (and the wider UK) can provide, we are experienced in tackling different pest species. Each kind of pest may require different pest control methods, and our professional service is meant to ensure swift pest removal in every situation.

We work throughout London dealing with the following pests – among others – and are fully equipped to handle them all.

Pest Control for Mice

Mice control is one of the most common calls sent to the HQ of our pest control in London. While cute, the common house mouse can grow into a large infestation that can damage a residential building and put you at serious risk of health issues.

Even one mouse can be a concern, but a larger infestation may need a prompt response to deal with it effectively. As common pests in both commercial and residential buildings, we offer mouse proofing to help reduce future pest activity and increase mice control options.

Mice are very common in many London areas and can turn up in any of the London boroughs. They are one of the most prevalent pests you will run into, and getting rid of them is not risky, just time-consuming. Our pest control experts can do it quickly and effectively.

Remember not to treat wild mice like pets if you find them. Even if they are not hostile, they can still carry diseases or have other risks associated with them, so you should ideally keep away from them and call for pest control help.

Pest Control for Rats

Rats come from a vast range of places and are found all throughout the London area. As a major health hazard and a rapid breeder, they need to be dealt with before they can spread disease – which may require pest control measures beyond the normal levels.

Same-day service can be important when rat infestations hit commercial clients since they can taint food. We offer quick and efficient service when dealing with rats, especially on commercial properties.

Rats are more likely to carry diseases than mice, which can make them an even bigger danger. Since they breed quickly, there is also a high chance of them turning up in larger numbers if you let them linger in your home, and even the occasional mousetrap will not be enough to stop them for good.

Instead, you should rely on our pest control service. We can help clear out a rat infestation before they can chew up anything important or spread any major diseases, keeping you and your home safe in the long term through either humane or direct means.

Pest Control for Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations have become a major problem all across the UK. Even relatively pest-free areas can suffer bed bug infestations, and bed bugs tend to cause itching and discomfort while sleeping. We can offer a pest control specialist who is experienced at taking out bed bugs before they breed too far.

Bed bugs are best dealt with using heat treatment or chemicals. We can speed up the pest removal process using our unique heat treatment strategies, flushing out the bed bugs before they reproduce. It does not take long for two-bed bugs to become four-bed bugs, then eight-bed bugs, and so on.

You will usually not see bed bugs up close, and most people only realise that they are present when they wake up with bites. Be careful if they start to bite your children – a bed bug infestation in their room can have a much worse effect on them than on an adult.

Our pest control service is able to deal with bed bugs quickly and quietly, without having to shut down entire rooms of your house or replace any large pieces of furniture. We have multiple ways in which to handle them, so you can contact our experts to learn more if you are suffering from a bad bed bug infestation.

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Pest Control for Wasps

Wasps may not seem like a major pest at first, but a wasps’ nest can become a major problem on any property. Once a wasp nest is built, it can be hard to remove without getting stung – and multiple stings can lead to hospitalisation. In some cases, disturbing a wasp nest can even lead to death.

We offer an efficient service for removing a wasp nest, making sure to treat the wasp nest with great care. Even a single wasp’s nest can be dangerous, and until the wasp nest is removed, the pest infestation will linger. Disturbing a wasp nest is far more dangerous than letting a professional remove it.

Remember that a wasps’ nest is a literal hive for wasps. Unlike any other common pest type, a wasp nest is highly dangerous, and upsetting a wasp nest unprepared can seriously injure multiple people. It is always best to let one of our experts take care of a wasp nest and dispose of it safely, leaving your property pest-free.

Wasps can be a serious danger to certain people, and they are willing to keep stinging a person over and over if they feel threatened. They are not as harmless as many people think, and that makes them a priority when looking into pest control matters.

Pest Control for Fleas

Fleas are very common pests all across the UK, creating the same problems as bed bugs – bites, scratches, and sometimes upsetting pets. While fleas are known to live in animal fur, they can also hide in carpets and sofas, going for months without any kind of food.

Fleas can spread disease quite easily just by landing on food, but their most obvious issue is causing itchiness in both pets and humans with long hair. They can also swarm food under certain circumstances, which is not pleasant.

This often means that you need one of our expert pest technicians who can deal with flea pest infestation and remove the eggs in a safe way that prevents them from hatching. In more extreme cases of infestation, serious pest exterminators may need to be called.

Fleas are a very minor problem, but they can escalate into a larger swarm very quickly. We offer pest removal intuitions that can tackle groups of fleas before they are able to overrun your home and become a serious annoyance or even a genuine threat to your pets.

Pest Control for Spiders

Arachnophobia aside, spiders are very common pests that can sneak into all kinds of residential and commercial buildings. Even if they do not bite, they can become a major pest infestation, requiring large pest control measures to remove them.

Killing a spider conventionally can result in all of its eggs hatching inside it, making the pest infestations worse. To eliminate pests like this, extra care has to be taken with disposing of them to make sure that there are no eggs remaining in hidden areas of the house.

There are also some pest treatments we can use to limit spiders from returning, meaning that they will not become as much of a problem during peak months. This kind of pest control work can be important for spider-prone homes, we’re killing them off just allows more to move in.

Certain spider varieties are more dangerous than others, but most UK spiders are fairly harmless. Just remember that they can quickly start to spread, and killing one at the wrong time can release all of the babies being carried inside its abdomen – giving you an even larger immediate problem to deal with.

Pest Control for Ants

An ant pest problem can cause long-term annoyance in your home, making it risky to leave food out and potentially leading to you getting bitten. They can also have commercial premises shut down for health reasons, so proper pest control is important.

Like other pests, we have ways to tackle ant infestations. Our pest control service can help remove them from your home, block their usual routes into the property, and even kill off their nest to ensure that they are gone for good.

If needed, our pest control experts could even help you work out new DIY methods for blocking or killing intruding ants, protecting your home better during their peak months. A large part of ant pest control involves knowing how to stop them from getting back into your home.

Remember that there are many types of ants, some of which may be more dangerous than others. Fire ants are much more likely to bite, and their bites are a lot more painful, which can become a huge problem if you have children or pets wandering around nearby.

Pest Control for Bees

We make sure to choose the most effective treatment for bee infestations, avoiding harming them if at all possible. Bees are an important part of the ecosystem and would only be destroyed if they were in a completely inaccessible area.

We have a wide range of pest control treatment options and will use each one to deal with the pest problem in the most humane way possible. Our pest control experts can both dissipate swarms and remove hives, all without having to rely on pest exterminators.

Bees can be a genuine health hazard, especially to people with allergies to them. Immediate pest removal is often the best option, especially since bees are valuable to our planet, and they can easily get hurt around people’s homes.

Pest Control for Birds

Birds are unconventional yet common pests all across the UK. While most birds are fine, they can become a problem that requires specialised bird control measures to deal with them. Since birds can fly over most conventional measures, bird control is a very precise task – even with something as simple as feral pigeons.

For example, excessive bird droppings can form a potential health hazard, and some birds can even end up attacking people on their own property. Beyond that, they might eat plants and flowers that you were planning to grow or simply upset pets that normally spend time outside.

Bird control is a specialised field, but we can provide an efficient service for handling every kind of bird – from feral pigeon control to something much more hostile. While birds might not seem like pests to many people at first, they can become a serious problem if left unchecked.

Remember that there are many types of birds out there and that some will form habits easily. A lot of bird infestations can be prevented by simply removing anything that incentivises them to return, something that our pest control experts can do with ease.

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Pest Control for Cockroaches

Cockroaches can become a huge problem on commercial premises, often leading to businesses getting closed while the premises can be completely cleared of the pests. Cockroach pest treatments need to be powerful because cockroaches have a tendency to survive a lot more than other pests can.

This means things like heat treatment, freeze treatment, chemical treatment, or even just targeting cockroaches directly with pest exterminators. Getting the initial treatment right is important since larger cockroach infestations often require fumigation to clear.

Cockroaches tend to carry diseases such as salmonella, dysentery and even typhoid, meaning that they can cause serious pest problems and even genuinely harm or kill vulnerable people. They tend to swarm to areas that have been poorly kept, meaning low-hygiene spaces like unclean kitchens.

Once there, it is hard to remove cockroaches. They can lay between thirty and forty eggs on average, growing to full sexual maturity in only ten weeks. This allows a cockroach infestation to spread like wildfire throughout a property, with very few chances to prevent it.

If you want our pest control services for dealing with a cockroach infestation, then contact us directly. We can provide commercial pest control services specifically aimed at killing off cockroaches before they are able to breed over and over again.

Pest Control for Foxes

Fox dens can be another source of pest problems, even if you find foxes cute. While they are very unlikely to spread disease, they can harm outdoor animals and might even break in to attack pets within your home. They also tend to steal from bins and can slip through catflaps easily.

Our pest control experts can tackle fox sightings very well, taking steps to slow down their ability to access your property. This could mean blocking off the main ways they approach, setting small traps, or even just scaring them off so that they do not come back.

We can handle fox pest control very well, and our expert staff know exactly how to approach each problem. This gives us a lot of freedom in how we can tackle the issue, meaning that we can do it without making any permanent changes to our garden or home.

Foxes are more of a danger to other animals than you, but that does not make an infestation of them harmless. If foxes keep hanging around your property, then they could eventually start to break things, leave other animal corpses there, or even try to get inside your home.

Fox Attacks

Foxes are not just pests. They are one of the most well-known ways for outdoor animals to be killed, especially animals that can’t really defend themselves like chickens. While pest control is good for removing them from your premises, it takes a slightly different skill set to protect other animals.

However, some of our experts can help you figure out potential traps or ways to block foxes from accessing your pets and domesticated animals. This kind of preventative measure is often involved in pest control since pests can easily return if no work is done to stop them from coming back.

We can offer a few options when it comes to stopping pests from causing more damage like this, but it is all bespoke work. It depends on the specific pests, how they approach your home, what kind of damage they have done, and so on.

In the case of foxes, we can help you clear your home of the pests while also establishing more ways to stave them off, allowing your outdoor animals to live in peace. Even in London, this can be a concern for homes with outdoor areas.

Pest Control for Glis

Glis (dormice) can cause a range of pest problems and are very likely to damage things in order to build a nest. Not only do they disrupt your normal life, but they tend to make a lot of noise, grinding their teeth against things very often. They will usually gravitate towards your roof or attic, hiding in the ceiling.

Our pest control service can deal with glis, removing them from your home quickly and discreetly to let you get some rest and peace of mind. Since these are protected animals, only licensed commercial pest control companies can handle them – trying to control glis yourself without a license can get you in serious trouble.

One of the main ways to deal with glis is to prevent them from actually entering your home in the first place. Our commercial pest control experts can help you figure out ways to block them from entering, reducing the chance of them causing any significant problems in the future.

Keep in mind that you are not able to mistreat protected animals under most circumstances, meaning that the glis might be hard to handle on your own. This is one case where it is almost always necessary to arrange for a pest control service instead of trying to tackle this on your own, even if you only have one individual pest to take care of.

Pest Control for Ladybirds

Ladybirds are just tiny beetles, but they can quickly swarm a property if they are not handled with care, making them a frequent target of pest control services. They are one of the most invasive species on Earth and are not easy to stop without pest control experts standing by.

When they have a reason, Harlequin ladybirds can invade homes in numbers of well over one thousand strong, making it hard to deal with them all at your own pace. They will keep swarming into different rooms looking for food, often biting humans if there is nothing else to eat.

These bites can trigger allergic reactions, some of which could hurt or kill a person that has an extreme response to a bite. This makes the pest control process a very necessary one for ladybugs because they can be incredibly hard to get rid of once they arrive.

Our pest control measures for ladybugs involve a mixture of chemical and organic options, as well as pest exterminators if necessary. Since they can hide in cracks and crevices easily, we also target those whenever possible to flush the ladybugs out.

Pest Control for Moles

Moles are one of the few pests that will not usually wander into your house, but that does not make them any less annoying. Most moles like to create pest problems with your lawn, digging their little molehill mounts all over the grass in random places – and tunnelling at over eighteen feet per hour.

Not only can these cause your garden to look untidy, but the tunnels they dig can actually kill plants by forcing their roots apart or by not giving the roots enough soil to grow. In major cases, the tunnels might even end up causing part of your garden to sink or collapse if the tunnels grow large enough.

Dealing with moles requires some specialist pest control methods. The longer they are around, the more they will tunnel, and even a single mole can ruin your garden in one night. Our pest control service includes humane traps that can capture the mole, allowing us to remove it safely and painlessly.

If there are too many moles to manage, or your garden is on the verge of actually sinking inwards due to the damage they are causing, then we can always send in better-equipped pest control experts. We are qualified to use gas-based techniques, flooding the tunnels in an effort to get rid of the moles completely.

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Pest Control for Moths

Moths are another minor pest that can make a big difference to your home life, often getting in the way and eating either cloth or stored food, depending on the type of moth. Thankfully, we have multiple commercial pest control methods that can help us get rid of moths.

Some moths will try to eat fabrics, ranging from cloth and wool to your very own carpets. Moths can cause a lot of damage in a short time, but the signs are thankfully fairly easy to notice, especially if they are chewing on something out in the open. Regular moths will simply eat food if they can find it.

We have numerous ways to remove moths from your home. This includes heat treatment (which also kills the eggs), freeze treatment to kill eggs hidden in clothing, steam treatment to remove moth infestations from fabrics and chemical treatment to poison them.

Our moth pest control services are meant to get rid of moths as quickly as possible, allowing your home to be pest-free in no time. This is especially true with fabric-eating moths, which can do irreparable damage to clothing or prized possessions if they are not caught in time.

Pest Control for Silverfish

Silverfish like to hang around in humid and dark spaces, and while they might not cause any direct threat to your health, they can still be an unhygienic presence that lingers in your kitchen or bathroom. Thankfully, silverfish pest control is not hard.

Silverfish will quickly start to breed if they are left alone, which can lead to them infesting other parts of the house – usually to find sugary treats to eat. We can provide the pest control service necessary to remove them, as well as advice for dealing with the dampness that attracts them.

Since silverfish are not an inherent danger in any way, they do not usually need more than a standard residential pest control strategy. We can provide specially-prepared baits to lure them away and capture them or simply kill them with insecticide treatments.

Remember that silverfish can breed quite quickly. If you notice some in your home, it is best to call our pest control experts right away – otherwise, they might keep breeding and eventually invade other parts of the house faster than you can deal with them.

Pest Control for Squirrels

Many people do not consider squirrels a pest, but they can actually be very dangerous in the right circumstances. Common grey squirrels are not only a disease carrier, but they nearly wiped out the entire population of red squirrels in the UK – and they continue to annoy homeowners to this very day.

Squirrels have a habit of becoming territorial, especially if they make a nest in your home and have babies to care for. Even blocking them from returning will result in them attacking the blockade you have created, which could result in them breaking windows or boring holes in weaker surfaces.

This aggression has also led to some of them attacking people, and they are not above hurting pets or children either. If squirrels nest in your loft or another lesser-used part of your home, they may refuse to let you access that area, getting violent if you try to get anywhere near them.

This is one of the few commercial pest control situations where we are often forced to exterminate the squirrels. They legally cannot be released into the wild, so there are only so many ways that we can deal with them once we locate and catch them.

Red Squirrels

Red squirrels are a very different situation entirely since they are protected by law. Not only can they get violent around humans, but they may actively attack you and the pets or family living with you.

However, you cannot kill them. As endangered creatures, even trapping them is against the law since you may expose them to something that kills them and push their dwindling population even lower. Instead, contact your local council or government official.

Unlike grey squirrels, which our pest removal services are legally bound to kill, red squirrels are out of our jurisdiction. If there is a red squirrel in your home, we can’t even begin a pest control process until they are removed since there is a chance that unrelated pest control measures could still kill them.

Remember that squirrels are not used to humans and are not domesticated. Avoid red squirrels at all costs and call for professional removal by the government as soon as one nests in your home.

Pest Control for Woodworm

Woodworms can turn up at any time for almost any reason, and while they might be harmless to people, they can cause massive damage to your home. They will eat through any wooden surfaces they can find, including load-bearing support beams and furniture that you use every day.

This makes them one of the most annoying threats to deal with, especially since they do not tend to leave much of a trace. Finding loose sawdust or holes in wooden surfaces can be a good sign, but most people do not notice until some significant damage has already been done.

Our pest removal services are the best option here – simply controlling the woodworms will still let them do a lot of damage. We have multiple ways to exterminate them quickly, saving your home and furnishings from avoidable damage that could potentially put you at risk.

Long-term woodworm infestations are a serious problem since they can eat through vital structures like floorboards or support struts. Contact us the moment you notice them, and our professionally-trained exterminators will deal with them using either heat, freezing or chemical treatments.

Commercial Pest Services

Commercial businesses are under a lot of scrutinies, with harder health and safety regulations that need to be followed at all times. This makes things like rodent control incredibly important since a business with a rodent infestation may have to completely shut down for a while if the infestation gets too bad.

Commercial properties are often larger, busier, and full of more food products for pests to snack on. Combine that with the fact that many commercial properties have large storage rooms and public areas, staff rooms (and multiple bathrooms), and there can be many places for pests to hide and breed.

When we take on pest control contracts for a commercial property, we put our work under much more scrutiny than normal. Commercial properties are either customer-facing businesses or employee-focused offices (or often both), so our work needs to keep both customers and employees safe from harm.

This means practising things like large-scale rodent control to remove disease-ridden rats, bird control to remove feral pigeons that might attack customers eating food in outdoor spaces, and other bespoke solutions. Each service provided is aimed at dealing with the pests in your area, which may or may not be posting serious health risks to employees and customers.

Residential Pest Control

Pest removal and pest control in residential London areas can be a bit more relaxed in a legal sense, but we still aim for professional service at all times. Residential properties are the places where people spend their free time and many homes house babies and pets that are especially vulnerable to certain pests.

All our technicians are prepared to work with residential properties, taking on infestations that might be spreading disease into the house or trying to limit the risks of a child getting hurt. Getting the best pest control, that London can offer really makes a difference if your family and property are at risk.

Since there are not as many rules or limits as with commercial pest control situations, we can usually use the full arsenal of tools we have available. For example, pest control in London homes will not require us to operate within certain working hours.

Of course, this all comes down to what you need. 24-hour pest control ensures that we can be available for pest removal at any time, so we can follow your schedule and work with your needs. Residential properties are very personal spaces, so this means bespoke solutions can be required in even the smallest pest control jobs.

Commercial Pest Control Availability

Relying on 24-hour pest control means that we can provide some of the most available pest control in London, arranging for pest control services as soon as we are able to. This means that you can rely on almost perfect 24-hour pest control availability in urgent situations.

Even if we are not able to send a pest control team out immediately, 24-hour pest control ensures that one will be available as soon as possible. All our local technicians are fully qualified for 24-hour pest control (London area based or otherwise), so we can send them out very often and with very little downtime.

Local Pest Control Service

As a source of local pest control, London homeowners and businesses can get direct access to 24-hour pest control in London. This can be important for people who need a pest removed urgently since waiting for a team from outside of London could take a while.

Of course, we can serve the wider London area very well. We can have our service provided everywhere, from East London and West London to much more specific locations within the city. We can also serve a non-London call for help, taking our pest control teams out of the city to nearby locations instead.

If you live somewhere like East London, then it can be beneficial to stick to a group within London: call locally, and you get the fastest pest control you can, and at affordable prices to boot.


We can always follow up on our pest control work, checking in again to ensure that the pests are gone. This can be important for pests that are resistant to being killed off easily or pests that can hide eggs all over, such as spiders.

Our primary goal is to free your property of pests: whether that means killing pests, treating infestations of pests or relocating pests, we always do our best to complete the job we have been given. A check-up allows us to figure out if our pest control measures worked and to try and remove the remaining pests if there are any.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pest Control?

Pest control is the process of trying to minimise how much pests can impact our clients’ day-to-day lives. This includes pests that are active threats, as well as pests that are more concerned with stealing food or nibbling on things.

Pest control does not always equal extermination. All our technicians are trained to recognise when pest control measures are necessary and when to resort to extermination, along with understanding the steps in-between and the ways that infestations can receive humane treatment wherever possible.

There is no single definition of the perfect pest control process since all pests are wildly different, and each infestation can be under unique circumstances. We aim to give clients exactly what they need for their situation, planned out as bespoke work.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Rid of Mice?

Removing mice tends to cost between £100 and £140 daily for a small property or closer to £200 for a larger one. This can vary quite heavily depending on the project, of course – we try to keep our services at affordable prices whenever possible and will work with clients to arrange something within their budget.

Mice are fairly passive pets that do not pose much threat, so the effort usually comes from tracking them down and locating any nests that they might have built.

How Much Does It Cost To Exterminate Rodents?

While rats and other rodents are similar to mice, some of them may carry diseases that they can spread to humans or even family pets. This can make certain rodent pests slightly more troublesome to deal with, but the cost is usually the same.

Remember that different pests respond to different things and act in unique ways, so we may have to employ different strategies depending on the type of rodent infesting your home. Even with that in mind, expect the work to cost around £100 to £200 per day.

Is it Worth Hiring An Exterminator For Mice

While mice might not seem like a huge problem to most people, it is always worth getting rid of pests in your home. Not only can mice be one of the more annoying pests (since they rarely ever get hostile but will constantly invade different rooms), but they tend to steal food, agitate pets, and can even bring fleas into the house.

It can be tempting to leave out poison to kill pests like this (which you need to be careful about since babies and pets may try to eat it instead). Even if you do this, though, you will have to dispose of the bodies and potentially still break up a nest in the walls, which could be full of baby mice.

If your mouse problem is getting out of hand, then an exterminator can be the quickest way to get rid of them. There are certain humane ways to exterminate mice that can be very reliable, such as using gas to flush them out of the walls.

Exterminators may also be able to advise you about preventative measures: ways that you can stop more mice from entering your home. If you have a constant problem with pests, then there may be some unchecked issues with your house that you will need to look into.

Is There A Rat Problem in London?

London has always had a historical connection with rats, both in reality and fiction. However, modern-day London still has quite a lot of rats, mostly because the city is so dense that there is always food for them to eat and places for them to breed.

Thankfully, London rats are less disease-prone than the historical pests were, making them easier to deal with. They are not hygienic, though, and they should be removed from homes as soon as possible in case they start to cause trouble or bite anybody unexpectedly.

Certain areas of London are much more rat-infested than others, but all of them contain a fairly large amount of rat nests, as well as a constant stream of more rats being bred in places where nobody can find them. This has led to an increase in the number of rats an average Londoner will see daily compared to the rest of the country.

That being said, a rat problem is only a problem if you leave it unchecked. Like any pests, our experts can take care of them quickly and effectively, either by controlling and treating the infestation or exterminating the pests themselves.


Our pest control work can fill a range of niches, provide great protection against pests, and make sure that you end up with the best possible protection from future pest issues. Not only are we confident in our work, but we can tailor it to whatever the client needs most.

If you are looking for a reliable pest control team that can take on a range of different challenges, then we are the best place to end your search. We have had a lot of collective experience across many different pest control fields and have put together a flawless team that can tackle any pest that might invade your property.

If you are interested in learning more about what we can offer, then contact us directly and let us know what you are looking for. The first step to solving a pest control issue is to get a pest control team on your side, and ours is here to help you.

We look forward to hearing from you, and our teams are on standby, waiting for another pest control call. Whatever you need, we can provide it.

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We have used London Pest Control for many years as they are certainly the best in London. The attention to detail and professional setup is what makes this company our go-to company for all our work. I highly recommend the team for the immense work - we highly recommend them!

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